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Art and Food: Rosa's and Tony's Demo and Dinner

Tomorrow evening is our long-awaited "Demo and Dinner" prepared by premier chefs Rosa and Tony Hanslits.  A small group of foodie fans will gather at Nicole Taylor's Pasta Shop in the shop kitchen to watch and ask questions, smell the smells and enjoy the wonderful flavors of a dinner prepared by the talented Hanslits couple.

The menu has been posted.  Yum.

Some of us will be meeting this culinary couple for the first time.  But not me....  I have spent time with both of them. Many months ago, as I worked on my "Food for Thought" and "Food as Memoir" sketchbook and painting series,  I asked their permission to "sit in the kitchen" and make drawings in my sketchbook.

At Rosa Hanslits' Nicole Taylor's Pasta Shop, I sat at the big table while Rosa made crostini and her delicious Vodka Pasta Sauce for sale in her shop and at local farmers' markets. Her assistant, Willy,  made pasta in interesting shapes in the amazing pasta machine.…