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Cairo on My Mind

There is no doubt where my thoughts are today and where the thoughts of much of the world are today. Cairo. How could you miss what is happening there? Life changing for Egyptians. Life changing for the middle east, no doubt. This painting came from my sketchbook. As we drove through Cairo, I made drawings of all of the mosque domes I could. Such interesting designs and no two alike.
This painting, "Cairo Rooftops" was entered in the annual IDADA (Indianapolis Downtown Artists' and Dealers' Association) show. It was featured in the Indianapolis Star, our local newspaper. It won first place in the show and also was purchased at the show. High quality archival prints are still available.

Danza #4: Singin' in the Rain

This painting, "Singin' in the Rain" has been finished for a few months, but my interest in the the Haitian misfortunes continues. Will Hatians ever get a break! The music, Danza #4, by LaMothe, continues to provide the inspiration for my reactions to the regularly-unfolding dramas that plague everyday life on the island. This painting talks about the mudslides that are expected on the stripped-bare mountains. Not a result of the earthquake, but just something to compound the difficulties for people who have been left homeless by the earthquake. The series, except for the first painting, is on display in my studio at The Stutz-B-335. High quality prints are available for all the works, as well.

Food for Thought-Eating Sushi

One painting had to speak for me at the Food for Thought show in November 2010. The exhibit was held in the StutzARTSpace Gallery in the Stutz Building and a venue for the annual Sprit and Place program. The show centered around artists who use sketchbooks and who would be willing to display their sketchbooks. For some artists this proved to be a too personal territory. The focus of my sketchbook was "Food as Memoir", a subject that I frequently return to in my work. So many memories of so many people in my life center around food! Grandmothers, the old great-aunts, my mother, the children--great stories about all of them and they have stories about me, too! But this piece was different. The subject is still painful. This painting is a tribute to my friend, Lynn, who died suddenly this past year. Lynn was of Japanese heritage and our friendship had grown for over 25 years. We both loved food, exchanged recipes and were crazy about sushi!! Lynn was my sushi-eating…