Friday, January 18, 2013

The Art and the Model

Today I was so happy to receive an email with this darling photo spread. It's my sister/It's my model/It's my sister.  Priscilla is my dear little sister and she is my model, too.  I have completed one painting of her and have another one on the easel, getting close to finish.  I asked her to pose for me last summer before I headed to California to a painting workshop and she did all the work!  When I arrived she had two costume changes ready, did multiple dynamic poses and provided the perfect setting.  And a fake cigarette, just for kicks.  She is a local actress, and it shows.  She exudes energy, creativity and fun.  And this wonderful photo shoot shows that off.
Here is my painting from last summer of My Sister/My Model/My Sister.  Priscilla Ball.  What a lucky person I am to have her for my sister!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

At Le Pain Quotidien

Started in Brussels about 20 years ago, I recently stopped in at Le Pain Quotidien in Lower Manhattan.  Translated, Le Pain Quotidien means the daily bread.  Then I learned that it is also a favorite dining spot of my daughter and her husband in Brooklyn Heights.  Rustic, cozy atmosphere, fresh tasty food, coffee  in bowls, communal tables and a great place to make drawings.
Here's my version of Le Pain Quotidien.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Making art in the New Year

Getting ready to take up the brushes again in the new year.
I came across an interesting discussion in "The Age of Insight", a thoughtful book by Eric R. Kandel. Here are some questions he poses and here are some questions I will ask myself this year--
(in no particular order)
•How do you give visual form to ideas?
•Why is this idea worth a painting?
•Do you want the truth or just something beautiful?

Here's to good work in 2013....
Happy New Year!