Searching for that Roman Nose

I am working on a small portrait using my sister as a model. I have painted that nose quite a few times now.  In our family my grandmother, Lona, --"Dandmama" to all the grandchildren--spoke of having a Roman Nose.  I capitalize Roman Nose because it was important (to Dandmama).

Dandmama prized this classic attribute.  She was beautiful, loved beauty in all forms and Dandmama loved art, so her opinions had weight with me.  My dad had the Roman Nose, as does my sister, Priscilla, and my niece, Alyce.  I don't.  My brother doesn't.  So my current figurative painting, with Priscilla as reference, needs to have that beautiful Roman Nose.  I keep coming close, but then it just isn't quite there.

In an earlier post, I spoke of my former painting teacher's urging me to keep searching.  I am searching, I am searching.  I have to find that Roman Nose--capturing it continues to elude me.

Here is my work in progress.............

When I finally find that Roman Nose, shall I title the painting Roman Nose or Red Turban as I had planned?


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