Cool Hotel

Well, here we are--hidin' out from the cold, dreary February Indianapolis clime.  I am sitting in southern Florida, a few miles up the road from Miami.  Painting in short sleeves on the balcony.  It's restorative.  It's sunny. It's warm.  It's easy.  

A new environment pushes me to paint new things.  I am still staring at people, tucking them away in my brain, but I am attracted to the architecture and the tropical plant life.  It's the land of ART DECO.  And I never met a palm tree that I didn't like! Palm trees are great graphics.  Swirly palm branches and striped bases.  Love, love, love.  So here's my fresh take on what I see off my balcony today.  Clean lines, cool colors.  Cool Hotel.


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