The Art and the Model

Today I was so happy to receive an email with this darling photo spread. It's my sister/It's my model/It's my sister.  Priscilla is my dear little sister and she is my model, too.  I have completed one painting of her and have another one on the easel, getting close to finish.  I asked her to pose for me last summer before I headed to California to a painting workshop and she did all the work!  When I arrived she had two costume changes ready, did multiple dynamic poses and provided the perfect setting.  And a fake cigarette, just for kicks.  She is a local actress, and it shows.  She exudes energy, creativity and fun.  And this wonderful photo shoot shows that off.
Here is my painting from last summer of My Sister/My Model/My Sister.  Priscilla Ball.  What a lucky person I am to have her for my sister!


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