Making art in the New Year

Getting ready to take up the brushes again in the new year.
I came across an interesting discussion in "The Age of Insight", a thoughtful book by Eric R. Kandel. Here are some questions he poses and here are some questions I will ask myself this year--
(in no particular order)
•How do you give visual form to ideas?
•Why is this idea worth a painting?
•Do you want the truth or just something beautiful?

Here's to good work in 2013....
Happy New Year!


  1. refused my first post - let's see if I can get it right again....

    Form- there are many ways to produce form. No way is "right". What communicates my view as compared to any other depiction?

    Worth - worth is all about what I want to communicate to you. My goal is to make you feel something - preferrably strong emotion. Even if you HATE it, I know I have accomplished something great. If you feel nothing, I've failed.

    Truth vs. Beauty. Do we even need to ask this question? "Truth" is a judgement that may not be accurate. Beauty is dependent on the evaluator/viewer. Truth for me is about being honest in what I depict. Beauty is not something I can control - what I find beautiful, you may find ugly.

  2. Hope I have better luck. Iphone just wouldn't publish my comments. Over the years, my work has centered around expressive and mostly figurative subjects. Landscapes come into play sometimes and once in a while there is an abstract painting.
    I see these questions as a way to grow. I am incorporating abstraction more and more and some paintings are totally abstract. I do agree with your comments and will have to see where else the questions take me. By December 31, 2013 I would expect to have many new insights into these three areas. Actually, any one of these topics alone could be pursued. I hope you will pop back in with additional thoughts. I would love to see some of your work these days, Jo.


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