The Art of Making a Life

Winifred Wickes



What kind of life will you make?

Making things.  Self-expression.  Creating solutions. 
This is art and it comes to you in many forms.

Most artists can name their "art heroes."

"Art heroes" show us the way -- they offer examples of how to craft an idea, how problems could be solved and sometimes, they show us a completely different approach.

Who gets to define art?  What defines a life well lived?  Those fortunate enough to have had wonderful teachers during their life, look back gratefully at the many examples of a well-crafted life.

This past weekend, family and friends paid tribute to Winifred Wickes, my mother-in-law, who died at age 99 this past year.

From Winifred, her studio was her life and her special gift, her artistry, was her spirit!  
By example, she taught that life had many adventures in store and if you were curious, flexible and adventuresome, they came your way.

She expressed how important it is to be accepting and affirming
--of people and ideas different than yours
--and that if you learn to love your life, though never perfect, and embrace your joy and your pain, you will create yourself in the most authentic, beautiful style.

Who are your "art heroes?"  What kind of life will you make?


  1. She must have been a wonderful woman. What a long life. I'm happy she was part of yours and past on such lovely gifts. Her spirit is reflected in both you, Jack and your amazing family. I am sorry for the loss but her spirit remains.


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