The Great 40th Anniversary Escapade, Part 3 or, Baby, It's Cold Outside

Well, baby, it sure wasn't cold outside at the beautiful tea house in Shanghai in July of 2013.  It was at least 95 degrees Fahrenheit.  But jumping ahead to January, 2014, it is a wonderful day to fix yourself a cup of tea, sit in your favorite chair and pick up that book you have been trying to get back to.
We sat down to a tasty and educational tea ceremony/demonstration in a lovely Shanghai tea house. I spent my time at the table tasting 7 teas, taking notes on the various properties of teas and painting the tea host.
p.s. If you know where to buy Lychee Black Tea, let me know.  A cold winter night is a great time for a cup of tea and "for romance", according to my notes!


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