Drawing Happens to be a Passion of Mine

A First Friday is different from the annual Stutz Artists Show which just happened. On a First Friday, the studio is still a working place but we hope you will drop in to see what's going on or just to have some conversation. It's much quieter. It might be messy around here. And there's time for some thoughtful conversation.

Then, you can stay for the opening reception of the current StutzARTSpace gallery show. I am in charge of the food, so I hope it's good! and that there is enough! Come early.....I am bringing along some of your favorites, such as "Devils on Horseback" and that spicy Mexican cheesy dip. Tasty. Those go fast.

But most important (oh, yea...)is the art. Come and see my series of 3 drawings featuring my good friend, Lorraine, who modeled for me. Actually, almost of my subjects are people whom I know pretty well.

The gallery will be open all afternoon as well as the studios (just no food at the gallery in the afternoon. So what's the point!) There are so many lovely drawings to see in the show. 11 artists. What a great way to start the weekend!

Looking forward to seeing you.


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